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Thesis Topics

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  Type Status
CoAP-Feinstaubsensor B.Sc. open
Visualization tool for IETF RFCS B.Sc. open
Straßenbahnen tracken B.Sc. open
IoT-Kaffeemaschine B.Sc. assigned
Embedded Programming Using Modern Languages B.Sc. / M.Sc. assigned
Bringing the IoT to the Web - Observing CoAP Resources Through a CoAP-HTTP-Proxy B.Sc. / M.Sc. assigned
Routing in Multi-Agent Networks for Space M.Sc. open
Experimental Evaluation of the Internet of Things MAC Protocol M.Sc. open
Time Synchronized MAC Protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT) M.Sc. open
Mesh Networking over Bluetooth Low Energy for IoT devices M.Sc. open
Haptic Coding for Robot Teleoperation M.Sc. open
Network Coding M.Sc. open
High Performances Connections for the IoT: Optimizing CoAP's Congestion Control for High Throughput M.Sc. open
Extending Battery Life by Employing Fog Computing in CoAP M.Sc. open
Real-Time Communication in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) M.Sc. open
Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11ah standard in Internet of Things Applications M.Sc. assigned
Extending Battery Life in the IoT: A Message Relay for CoAP Nodes M.Sc. assigned
Overcoming CoAP's Resource Discovery Limitations M.Sc. assigned

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